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Initial Consultation

This portion of our training system allows us to understand your goals, your time commitment and helps your trainer develop a plan that works with your schedule as well as your wants and needs, in order to create a program most likely to lead to your success.

This goes hand in hand with our initial fitness and movement analysis testing.

Fitness and Movement Analysis Testing

Through a short 30-40 minute session, we are able to detect any muscle imbalances that may be present within your body movement patterns.

Muscle imbalances are present in everyone. They can be caused by anything ranging from the way you sit at your desk at work (and how long), to the way you drive yo

Fitness Programming

After performing the initial consultation and fitness/movement analysis, your trainer is able to create a customized program that is completely tailored to your goal with the results of your fitness and movement analysis in mind. 

Your program length will depend on your goals and commitment, but typically we recommend you commit to at least twice a week in order to see proper results and allow your body the chance to make positive adaptations. 

Technology That Tracks Your Success (Paperless!)

Your Future Fitness is working on going entirely paperless. Using the latest technology, we are able to develop your entire workout and track everything from the improvements you’re making between fitness tests, as well as week to week in each exercise all without paper.

Using a system that revolves around technology allows you to see a better picture of results week-week in order to see exactly how your fitness is improving.

We are also working on implementing heart rate technology in order to see exactly how many calories you burn per session, as well as to see other health indicators of improvement.


Premium In Home Personal training Plan

All of our plans are custom designed by university educated trainers who have your goal in mind. After a consultation with one of our specialists, they will be able to design a long term plan to help you get to where you want to be regarding your health and fitness. 

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Online Training Memberships

For those of you who are too far away to be trained by one of our amazing trainers, don’t fret! By using an app, we are able to send workouts and instructions straight to your phone. By simply using a small list of equipment that can be purchased in any local sports store. You are able to get an amazing workout all within the comfort of your home or backyard. 

* All Programs Should Be Performed At Your Own Risk And You Should Be Cleared By a Medical Professional Prior To Beginning Program.

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